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Just look at what others are saying about Texas Johnny Brown and Nothin' But the Truth!

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"Of all the great Texas bluesmen active right now, Johnny is head and shoulders above all his rivals. The songwriting on this disc [Nothin' But the Truth] is exquisite as is the guitar work and production. The music contained on this disc is diverse, running the gamut from tender ballads to deep soul to down-in-the-alley Texas blues and every cut is a gem. This man must be heard and rewarded. Hopefully, he'll be around long enough to get the recognition and success he most definitely deserves. 6 bottles [out of 6] for a big dose of Texas truth. Tonic for your soul."  · Andy Grigg, Real Blues, Dec. '98/Jan. '99
"I cannot listen to these songs [on Nothin' But the Truth] without anticipating the instrumental passages. The tone, skill, and taste is beyond my powers of description as here is simply some of the best guitar playing I have heard in years. It [Nothin' But the Truth] is certainly a fascinating and unusual record and deserves to be heard by everyone."  · Dave Williams, Juke Blues 42
"But if what you like is a true blues feeling, you can't get any closer to the real deal in this column [Home Brew] than Texas Johnny Brown. On Nothin' But the Truth (Choctaw Creek), this sweet, lyrical guitar player displays the hallmarks of experience: Laid back, funky to the bone, as personal as a fingerprint."  · Bill Kisliuk, Blues Access
"Texas Johnny Brown does the genuine Lone Star style on Nothin' But the Truth (Choctaw Creek CCR00012). The journeyman performer plays inventive leads and sings with true soul."  · Ed Ivey, Blues Revue

[ Johnny Brown is truly of the few remaining masters ]
Four stars!!!!!  · Christophe Mourot, Soul Bag
"Texas Johnny Brown's new CD, Nothin' But the Truth, is exactly that. Truthful, heartfelt music with enough emotion, diversity and style to catapult him to the ranks of national attention that he rightfully deserves."  · "The Blues Hound" James Nagel, Houston Blues Review
"The new disc [Nothin' But the Truth] features 11 originals, a few done up in stylish big-band threads a la B.B. King - the sort of simmering, sophisticated grooves that straddle the fence separating juke-joint wailing and nightclub-slick rhythm and blues."  · Hobart Rowland, Houston Press

"In a period when self indulgent and histrionic performers seem to dominate the blues scene, it's refreshing to hear someone with a different approach. A seasoned professional, who plays in a modern style, yet respects the best traditions of the music. At one of Johnny's shows it is not uncommon to hear a downhome Lightnin' Hopkins tune, followed by one of his fleet, jazz inspired instrumentals. You can also count on hearing his personalized version of 'Two Steps From the Blues' plus some terrific original material, all showing that Johnny has lost none of his creative flair. His guitar style is decidedly Texan, although not particularly identifiable with any other well-known guitarists from that state. Brown is very much his own man, effortlessly switching back and forth from lead to rhythm, reaching out to the audience with his understated, yet empathic vocal style. Johnny Brown is truly one of the few remaining masters."  · Brian Baumgartner, Juke Blues 41

Blues Defender Nothin' But the Truth Press Other News

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